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Updated 04/01/2014

-    Interested in Becoming an ARRL Employee?

-    Dale's Tales for April

-    The Centennial on-air Celebration

-    Ham Receives Fine for QRM'ing

-    Win a new Station at the ARRL Centennial Convention

-    Ramblings

-    Tom Delaney, W8WTD Named Special Assistant to Director

-    Tentative Travel and Hamfest Schedule


+++ Interested in Becoming an ARRL Employee? +++

ARRL is looking for two good people to fill staff openings.  Summaries of these openings follow:

ARRL Seeks Candidates for Contest Branch Manager: The ARRL is seeking candidates for the position of Contest Branch Manager. This individual will be responsible for all aspects of ARRL's contest program.

Applicants should have at least 5 years of experience in personnel, software, and process management in a non-profit environment and as an active Amateur Radio contesting participant. A bachelor's degree is preferred. Details are on the ARRL website.

ARRL Seeks Principal Software Engineer: The ARRL is seeking an experienced software engineer who can work independently, as part of a small development team and with contractor teams, to design and develop database applications and interfaces to external services and systems.

The position will be the primary software engineer for the Logbook of The World (LoTW) system. Candidates must possess strong C++ programming skills on Linux/Unix platforms, as well as experience in all phases of project management, from architecture to production system release.

For more information and for instructions on completing and submitting an application, visit the ARRL Employment Opportunities web page at


+++ Dale's Tales for April, 2014 +++

Greetings all.

Is your club a Special Service Club (SSC)?  Many are, and this ARRL Program exists to recognize those clubs that take the extra effort to serve their local communities, both ham radio communities and the more conventional communities in which we live. 

Some of the service to ham radio can include training classes, active publicity/public relations programs and special operating activities, like Field Day and State QSO Parties.

Local community service projects can include emergency preparedness efforts, Halloween patrols, and parade controls.  True, it means more effort on the part of your club, but activity is what you want, isn't it?   Being an SCC will further drive the effort for your club to stay active.

Take a look at the options available and really give a serious consideration to becoming an SSC.  If your club is already recognized as an ARRL SSC, you too can take a look at this ARRL Club Primer and use it as a refresher:

We need strong radio clubs.  Clubs provide the social contacts, information and resources for problem solving, troubleshooting, entertainment, training, activity sponsorship...the list goes on.  It all takes effort and you get out what you put into it.  Participation is the key, it is up to each of us to help our clubs grow.  Let's make it happen!


73, see you on the bands.

Dale Williams WA8EFK

Vice Director, Great Lakes Division


+++ The Centennial on-air Celebration +++

To earn the "Worked all States with W1AW Award," work W1AW operating portable from all 50 states. (Working W1AW or W100AW in Connecticut does not count for Connecticut, in this particularly award. For award credit, participants must work W1AW/1 in Connecticut.) A W1AW WAS certificate and plaque will be available (pricing not yet available).

The ARRL has posted an ARRL Centennial QSO Party leader board that participants can use to determine how many points they have accumulated in the Centennial QSO Party and in the W1AW WAS operations. Log in using your Logbook of The World (LoTW) user name and password, and your position will appear at the top of the leader boards. Results are updated daily, based on contacts entered into LoTW.

(From The ARRL Letter.)


+++  Ham Receives Fine for QRMing +++

As evidence that the FCC does not fool around when it enforces its rules, the Commission notified an Oklahoma amateur he has set a fine of $12,000.  The Notice of Apparent Liability was issued to Orloff Haines, KF5IXX for intentional, long-term jamming of CB channel 19.  The Notice was $7,000 higher than one previously stated.  The increase in fine came after Haines apparently ignored two earlier warning letters sent by the Dallas Field Office.


+++ Win a new Station at the ARRL Centennial Convention +++

The ARRL has announced a "Centennial Station Giveaway" as part of its National Centennial Convention in Hartford, Connecticut, July 17-19, 2014. Sponsored by the ARRL and R&L Electronics, the first-prize winner will receive a Grand Prize voucher worth up to $5000 of equipment -- radio, antenna, and accessories -- redeemable for products sold by R&L Electronics. A second-prize winner will receive a $2500 prize voucher for products sold by FlexRadio Systems, also co-sponsored by ARRL.

All paid convention registrants will be entered in the prize drawings (door prizes). Winners will be drawn from among eligible registrants at the end of the convention on Saturday, July 19, 2014. The winner does not need to be present during the drawings.

Three-day convention tickets are $75 and include an all-day training workshop and lunch on Thursday. Two-day tickets are $25 ($30 at the door), good for admission on Friday and Saturday. Everyone who attends the convention must register.

(From The ARRL Letter)


+++ Ramblings +++

What is the ARRL OO corps and what does it do?

ARRL's Official Observer (OO) corps may be one of the more misunderstood functions sponsored by the League.  Although I suspect that most amateurs have an idea of what the corps is and how it operates, many others appear to have absolutely no concept of what it is and does.

I remember a few years ago when a ham in Cincinnati received an OO card that simply pointed out he had been operating on a local repeater for very extended periods of time without IDing every 10 minutes as the FCC requires.  The ham launched into a weeks-long rampage about how the ARRL police were out to take his license from him!  No one could convince him this was not the case.  As incorrect as this misconception was, it unfortunately is understandable when one considers that many people still have the totally wrong idea that ARRL tells FCC what to do -- which rules and regulations to adopt and enforce, and which ones to change.

Let me make a flat statement.  ARRL is not now and has never had regulatory powers.  A follow up to this statement is that ARRL does not want regulatory power.  Consequently, the ARRL corps of OOs can do no more than to call attention to an operator that he -- or she -- has deviated from the rules and regulations established by FCC and to report continued violations to the Commission for possible follow-up.

This is all done in the tradition of "self policing" for which Amateur Radio is famous.  Self policing is important to each of us because it goes a long way toward keeping our bands open and usable for each of us to enjoy.

In the tradition of self policing, an OO report will advise an operator that he has violated an FCC rule. Provided the violator wants to follow the rules, he will avoid repeating the violation and will voluntarily return to complying with them.  This return to compliance may be the result of simply wanting to be a law-abiding operator, or wanting to avoid being embarrassed before a group of friends, or wanting to avoid FCC punishment that could result from continuing the violation, or for some other personal reason.

The OO corps is part of the ARRL Field Organization.  It is coordinated through ARRL HQ and is managed through the Section Manager and an assistant (an Official Observer Coordinator), and a group of OOs in the Section -- all volunteers.

An OO basically listens to the amateur bands to see if FCC rules and regulations are being observed, and if good operating practices are employed.  As suggested, above, an OO notice can be sent to operators who violate these rules or who use poor operating procedures.  An OO may also give atta-boys to operators whose operations are particularly good.  For operators who persist in violating rules and good practices, OOs may document the actions and submit a report to ARRL HQ.  Truly persistent violations may result in multiple reports being submitted to HQ and on to the FCC.

When/if sufficient documentation of continued violations is received at HQ, the reports are compiled and submitted to the FCC for review and possible action.

The FCC has a range of responses it can take regarding errant operators.  The first of these likely actions is to notify the operator it has received reports that he was heard violating Commission rules, to ask the operator for any reply to the alleged violations and to list any steps he plans to take to avoid continuing any further violations.

Follow-up responses FCC may take include monitoring by an FCC engineer and, if considered appropriate, fining the operator and withdrawing his license.  Fines levied can be in the tens of thousands of dollars for especially flagrant violations.

FCC may enlist the continued support of the OO corps in obtaining continuing information about a violator.  Surveillance by OOs is done as a member of the FCC's Amateur Auxiliary.

What I do not understand is why anyone who took the time and effort to obtain an Amateur Radio license, and went to the expense of assembling an Amateur Radio station would intentionally act like a "jerk" and intentionally violate the simple and useful rules that guide operating on the ham bands.  Some people must get their jollies from doing this, but it doesn't make sense to me.





+++ Tom Delaney, W8WTD Named Special Assistant to Director +++

Tom Delaney, W8WTD has been appointed Special Assistant to the Director for the Great Lakes Division.  Tom is a long-time ARRL member.  He is well known is Southwest Ohio-Northern Kentucky amateur circles as a long time major contributor to Amateur Radio support given the Red Cross the Queen City Emergency Net (QCEN).  Tom is serving the Division as an Ambassador without specific Portfolio at this time.

Please join me in welcoming Tom to the Division Cabinet.


+++ Tentative Travel and Hamfest Schedule +++

Apr  5 - Lincoln Trail ARC's Hamfest, Elizabethtown, KY - KY4Z

Apr  5 - Portsmouth Radio Club, Portsmouth, OH - N8SY

Apr 12 - Cuyahoga Falls ARC 60th Annual Hamfest, Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Ohio Cabinet

Apr 12 - Letcher Co. KY ARC Hamfest, Whitesburg, KY - KY4Z

Apr 13 - Milford Swap, Highland, MI -- QSL Checking -- WB8R

Apr 26 - Jackson Co. ARC Hamfest, Jackson, OH - N8SY

Apr 26 - Hamfest Swap, Chassell, MI

Apr 27 - Athens Hamfest, Athens, OH - N8SY

May  3 - Cadillac Amateur Radio & Computer Swap, Cadillac, MI -- WB8R

May 10 - Big Sandy AR Hamfest, Louisa, KY - KY4Z

May 16-18 - Dayton Hamvention(R), Trotwood, OH -- QSL Checking -- K8JE, WA8EFK, etc.

Jun  1 - Chelsea Radio Swap 'n Shop, Chelsea, MI - WB8R

Jun  7 - Princeton Kentucky Hamfest, Princeton KY - KY4Z

Jun  7 - Fulton Co. RC Hamfest, Tedrow, OH - Ohio Cabinet

Jun  7 - Luce ARS Hamfest, Newberry, MI - WB8R

Jun  7 - IRA Hamfest, Hudsonville, MI - WB8R0

Jun 15 - Monroe Hamfest, Monroe, MI -- WA8EFK, WB8R

Jun 21 - West Michigan Youth Club Hamfest, Lowell, MI -- WA8EFK, WB8R

Jun 21 - Milford Hamfest, Milford, OH - K8JE, N8SY

Jul 12 - 20/9 RC Tailgate and Hamfest, Austintown, OH

Jul 17-19 - ARRL Centennial National Convention, Hartford, CT -- K8JE, WA8EFK

Jul 20 - Van Wert Hamfest, Van Wert, OH -- Ohio Cabinet

Jul 20 - PSC Meeting, Newington, CT -- K8JE

Jul 21-22 - ARRL Board of Directors, Newington, CT -- K8JE, WA8EFK

Jul 26 - 2014 CMARC Outdoor Hamfest, Lansing, MI -- WB8R

Jul 27 - Portage HAMFAIR '14 - Randolph, OH -- WA8EFK, Ohio Cabinet

Jun 14 - Midland Hamfest, Midland, MI

Aug  2 - UP Hamfest, Delta County ARS, Escanaba MI

Aug  2 - Ohio Section Conference & Columbus Hamfest, Columbus, OH -- QSL Checking

Aug 10 - Central Kentucky ARRL Hamfest, Lawrenceburg, KY -- QSL Checking -- KY4Z

Aug 17 - Warren Hamfest, Cortland, OH -- QSL Checking

Sep  6 - Greater Louisville Hamfest, Shepherdsville, KY -- KY4Z -- QSL Checking

Sep 13 - Richmond Hamfest, Richmond, KY - KY4Z

Sep 28 - Cleveland Hamfest & Computer Show, Cleveland, OH -- QSL Checking -- N8SY

Oct  4 - 'Vette City Hamfest, Bowling Green, KY -- QSL Checking -- WA8EFK, KY4Z

Oct  5 - Conneaut ARC Hamfest, Conneaut, OH

Oct 18 - Muskegon Color Tour Hamfest, Muskegon, MI - WB8R

Nov  2 - Massillon ARC Hamfest, Massillon, OH -- QSL Checking - N8SY


Jim Weaver, K8JE

Director, Great Lakes Division

5065 Bethany Rd.

Mason, OH 45040

Tel. 513-459-1661; e-mail


Dale Williams, WA8EFK

Vice Director, Great Lakes Div.

291 Outer Drive

Dundee, MI 48131

734-529-3232; e-mail






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